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ESEIA Conference


IGS, the Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies is one of the priority research institutes of the University of Twente and performs multi-disciplinary research and postgraduate research training in the field of the governance and management of technological and social innovation. In this, issues of co-ordination, steering and the operation of (networks of) institutions in both public and private sectors are core research foci, based on a multi-level, multi-actor perspective. IGS strives to combine scientific excellence with relevance for our stakeholders in the public and private sector

ESEIA, the European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance, is an association of leading membership organisations spanning a number of European countries operating in the field of sustainable energy systems, from energy provision to energy consumption in research, teaching and innovation. The cross-sector membership of scientific, business and political partners is dedicated to advancing innovation to implement renewables and sustainable technologies in Europe as well as on a global scale. The members hold wide-spread knowledge and experience which is brought together in ESEIA providing a valuable knowledge pool for almost any sustainable energy innovation challenge from renewable resources to consumption and implementation.

This conference is supported by:

Green Energy Initiative

Science faces an enormous challenge. The growing demand for energy, limited availability of fossil fuels and the enormous climate consequences of fuel extraction require a multidisciplinary approach.

The research institutes CTIT, IGS and MESA+ at the University of Twente (UT) have therefore combined their research into renewable energy in the Green Energy Initiative. Within the UT, 175 scientists and 35 chairs are active in the field of renewable energy. Challenges from industry, governments initiates multidisciplinary research. Examples are Bio Energy to Overijssel (BE2.O) and Smart Grid Evolution. The Green Energy Initiative contributes to innovative solutions in the following areas:

- Minimizing energy demand

- Use of renewable energy generation

- More efficient use of fossil fuels

The Green Energy Initiative focuses on four research themes:

- Bio Based Energy, Chemicals & Materials

- ICT & Smart Grids

- Advanced Materials

- Behavioural, Organisational, Governance and Ethical Aspects.