Story Lab

These are the people that are making our research happen

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Story Lab

Prof.dr. G.J. Westerhof

Anne Marie Lohuis MSc.

Prof. Dr. Gerben Westerhof

Workgroup Supervisor

Anneke Sools (PhD)

Anne Marie Lohuis (PhD)

Silvia Pol (MSc.)

Sheila Adjiembaks (MSc.)

Jacky van de Goor (MSc.)

Teuntje Elfrink (MSc.)

Tom Vansteenkiste (MSc.)

Monique Engelbertink (MSc.)

Janneke van der Zwaan (PhD)

Wouter Smink (MSc.)

Shengfa Miao (PhD)


Janny Beernink (PhD)

Christina Ullrich (MSc.)