Positive Psychology & Technology Lab

These are the people that are making our research happen

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Positive Psychology & Technology Lab

Prof.dr. E.T. Bohlmeijer

dr. L.C.A. Christenhusz

Teuntje Elfrink

Prof. Dr. Ernst Bohlmeijer

Workgroup Supervisor

Dr. Lieke Christenhusz

Teuntje Elfrink, MSc.

dr. Saskia Kelders

N. Kohle

Dr. S.M.A. Lamers

Dr. Saskia Kelders

Nadine Köhle, MSc.

Dr. Sanne Lamers

dr. M.G. Postel

drs. Wendy Pots

Dr. Marloes Postel

Drs. Wendy Pots

Marijke Schotanus-Drijkstra, MSc.

dr. Karlein Schreurs

dr. Hester Trompetter

Jan Walburg

Prof. Dr. Karlein Schreurs

Dr. Hester Trompetter

Prof. Dr. Jan Walburg

Laura Weiss, MSc.

Dr. Peter Meulenbeek

Noortje Kloos, MSc.