IGS University of Twente


DataverseNL (IGS Dataverse) is a cloud service for


archiving of static datasets


storing and sharing dynamic datasets

Within the DataverseNL, Datalab has its own dataverse (container) for IGS research data studies.

Why use The IGS Dataverse on DataverseNL?

Use IGS Dataverse for the following reasons:


Your research group has a policy of archiving static datasets of your research and sharing these, at least within the group.


You want to store your dynamic datasets safely and share these with specific colleagues anywhere.

How to archive static datasets in the IGS dataverse on DataverseNL

In compliance with good scientific conduct, most research groups have a policy to archive static datasets in the IGS dataverse on DataverseNL. Use the web form to easily enter metadata and description of the dataset and to upload the files.

See the policy of your group about which data and which additional documentation and tools to deliver, what information should be given in the description of the dataset, access to datasets, etc.

It is not allowed to archive privacy-sensitive data in the IGS Dataverse! Contact IGS datalab for more information on storing sensitive data in the IGS data vault.

After uploading, the metadata will be checked and entered in The IGS dataverse together with the files. This may take several working days. Subsequently, the datasets will be available in the IGS Dataverse according to the access conditions as part of the data policy of the research group. Depending on your access requirements, you may need to create a DataverseNL account to access your own data.

Advanced usage of DataverseNL

Datalab makes it easy to upload static datasets by doing most of the work for you. However, if you have a dataset that is frequently updated, where user permissions frequently change, or if you want full control of how exactly your study is administrated, this is also possible.

Contact IGS Datalab for more information on the possibilities DataverseNL offers for your project, and an introduction on how to use and administer your own study or dataverse. Please also check the DataverseNL user manual which can be found here.

How to create a Dutch DataverseNL account

Before you can start with DataverseNL you have to register.


Go to https://www.dataverse.nl/dvn/ and click on the “Log In” button (not the Log In with DVN account button).


You can use your institution’s account (m-number). You get an overview of your data.


Click on “Yes, share this information. After that you are a registered user at DataverseNL.

This does not mean that your data will be accessible by any other DataverseNL user.

In order to gain access to the The IGS dataverse on DataverseNL and/or data uploaded by IGS, please contact Datalab.