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News 2016

19 jan: text analysis café Mariët Theune of the Human Media and Interaction department will speak about Natural Language Generation for Storytelling and Serious Games.
Location: Blomzaal Faculty Club
Time: 15.30-17.00 hrs
23 nov: Text Analysis Café Speaker: Hedwig te Molder
Subject: Talk-in-Interaction: Optimizing the responsivity of virtual agents in E-mental health contexts
Place: Blomzaal Faculty Club
Time: 15.30-17.00h
2 nov: Entrepreneurial Universities Master Class Bart van Looy will give a workshop on the role and contribution of academics within innovation systems. The focus will be on alleged tensions between science and markets. The robust relationships between academics, universities and business will be brought to the table. 13 Oct: 4th National eScience Symposium This annual symposium is an opportunity to meet with researchers (from academia and industry), students, data scientists, scientific administrators, CIOs and CTOs dealing with the challenges and potential of digital technologies; from the humanities to physics and beyond. 12 Oct: Data Science Day Twente Data Science is a collaboration between research groups of the University of Twente to research, promote and facilitate big data analysis for all scientific disciplines. We operate by sharing expertise, ideas, our research infrastructure for big data analysis and - of course - by sharing our data. 6 oct: Text Analysis Café Speaker: Peter Stegmaier
Subject: Commander Data may be our next God Hermes - but: Can machines interpret?
Place: Blomzaal Faculty Club
Time: 15.30-17.00h
Funding opportunities Twente Data Science The Twente Data Science Initiative receives budget from the 4TU to support Data Science cooperations between Twente and the other 4TU members, for instance by sponsoring workshops, guest speakers from abroad, or tutorials on Data Science and Big Data. Please contact us if you would like Twente Data Science to sponsor your event. 7 Jul: OpenAIRE-EUDAT webinar “How to write a Data Management Plan” In this webinar Sarah Jones (DCC) and Marjan Grootveld (DANS) will talk you through the aspects that Horizon 2020 requires from a DMP. We’ll discuss examples from real DMPs and also touch upon the Software Management Plan, which for some projects can be a sensible addition. 20-24 Jun: Week of Methods and Statistics The department of Research Methods, Measurement and Data Analysis (OMD, BMS faculty) organizes the 'Week of Methods and Statistics' (or OMD R-week) from June 20-24. Find the program here! 20 Jun: Twente R User Group (TRUG) Meeting The next TRUG meeting will take place on June 20, 17.30 hrs. at the Weleweg 410, Boekelo. ). Karel Kroeze will give a short presentation about how to make ‘shiny' apps. We hope to see you then! New: Text Analysis Café In April 2016 the first meeting of the Text Analysis Café, an open, bi-monthly gathering for students and researchers with interest in and knowledge of text analysis, took place. For more information, to sign up or to check the slides of previous meetings, see "Work groups" (bottom of the page). Jun 16: Big Data in het Sociaal Domein (Dutch) Zoek samen met creatieve mensen met een achtergrond in IT, het sociaal domein of financiën naar manieren om slimmer met middelen om te gaan door gebruik te maken van data. Kom tot een flexibele begroting mede door de ontwikkeling van aansprekende business cases voor Big Data innovaties in het sociaal domein.