IGS Universiteit Twente
2011 Conference: Resilient Societies

Participating networks

ACCWA - Approaching Climate Change for Water Resource Adaptation. International WUN network headed by the University of Leeds of which UT is a partner.

Theme for the IGS conference: role of policy networks/ governance/ technology in mitigating climate change and degradation.


ESEIA - European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance. European Network of which UT is part.

Theme for the IGS conference: Sustainable energy innovation in European regions.


NORCLAD-net - The NORCLAD-Net is a Nordic network, led by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), created with funding from Nordforsk to strengthen collaboration on climate adaptation research in the Nordic countries.

Theme for the IGS conference:


Pugwash Netherlands - International network bringing together influential scholars and public figures concerned with reducing the danger of armed conflict and seeking cooperative solutions for global problems.

Theme for the IGS conference: Water Diplomacy and Transboundary Cooperation in the Middle East, MENA and Arab countries.


LEAD - LEAD is the world largest not for profit focused on leadership and sustainable development working through 12 member programmes globally and with a network of 2297 Fellows from over 90 countries.

Theme for the IGS conference: Community-based climate adaption and mitigation.


Greening of Industry - The Greening of Industry Network (GIN) is an international network of professionals from research, education, business, civil society organizations, and government, focusing on issues of industrial development, environment, and society, and dedicated to building a sustainable future. Theme for the IGS conference: Role of industry in creating resilient societies.


Green Chemistry Network (CGN) aims to promote and facilitate education, training and practice of Green Chemistry in industry, commerce, central, regional and local government, academia and schools.