IGS Universiteit Twente
2011 Conference: Resilient Societies

IGS - SENSE Conference



19 - 21 October 2011

University of Twente

Change is all around us and the rate of change is accelerating. Change in demography, trade, and financial structures; but most of all in the use and availability of natural resources. Climate change is high on the agenda with increasing impacts from storms, floods and droughts; but even without the added effects of climate change, the combination of unequal distribution of resources, increasing population, water and energy demands are creating risks and making us more vulnerable and heightening conflict.

This conference is about searching for solutions. We must meet the challenge of sustainable management of natural resources and create resilient societies to tackle the interlinked needs of dealing with climate change, water shortages and meeting energy requirements. Our search for solutions has to be guided by good science and robust theory. Understanding how cities, industry and technology shape processes of urbanization, migration and innovation will help us to develop a systems approach based on interdisciplinary research and policy action that combines governance and socio-economics with natural science and spatial analysis.

The conference will bring together experts, academics and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines to discuss and debate governance solutions to make societies more resilient. The aim is to link theory and practice to create a knowledge bridge to exchange ideas and strategies which can contribute to resilient societies. The sessions will be organized in a range of formats, combining plenary sessions with key note speakers with workshops, debates, poster sessions and open space.