IGS Universiteit Twente
2010 Conference: Tentative Governance in EST


The conference is organized by the Institute of Innovation and Governance Studies (IGS). Internationally, the conference will be run as a key event of the European Forum for ‘Studies into Policies for Research and Innovation’ (Eu-SPRI Forum; succeeding the PRIME Network of Excellence).

The Conference Organization Board includes:

Prof. Stefan Kuhlmann

Dr. Kornelia Konrad

Dr. Roel Nahuis

Dr. Peter Stegmaier (STəPS Twente)

Prof. Jürgen Enders (CHEPS)

Dr. Bärbel Dorbeck-Jung (LEGS)

Sjoerd van Tongeren (IGS)

Conference Secretariat:

Marcia Clifford (IGS) → e-mail