Department card: how to

The Department Card is for business travel by public transport only

Note: The department card is NOT to be used for personal purpose and/or commuter travel.

Before you use the card, read the terms of use

Pick up your business card

Go to your card administrator at least one day before you have to travel by train (usually your office/ secretariat ). If you don’t know where you can to pick up a card, go to the contact of your unit.

Fill out and sign the register to get a department card. Make sure you enter the right OFI number. After your trip hand the card back to the card administrator as soon as possible.

Check in / out

The NS-BC can be used in trains, busses, metro and trams by checking in and out.



Make sure to always check in and out. If you forgot to check out, go back to a train station (on the same day) and check out.


Always inform your card administrator in case the OFI number needs to be altered. When needed the card administrator has the option to change the number afterwards.

More information / contact

More information on how to travel with the NS-BC can be found on the NS website.

If your card has a defect, is stolen or you need a new one? Contact the contact your unit’s contact person.

For questions on how to travel with the NS-BC, you need to contact the NS directly: phone +31 (0)30 300 11 11 or e-mail:

For questions on the distribution or in case of theft/loss contact your unit’s contact person.