Contact per unit

For each unit a contact is appointed. This person can provide you with further information about how the cards are distributed, where you can find the card manager for your department, or what OFI number is connected to which card. In case of malfunction, theft or loss, you need to report to this person.

For questions about traveling or using the NS Business Card, you can contact NS customer services; by phone 030 - 300 11 11, email naar


Unit / department

Name contact

Back up




AZ – Bestuursondersteuning

Adrie Roetert


AZ – Campus Company

A. ter Steege-Ballast


AZ – Innovation Lab

Alinda Sportel


AZ – UT Nieuws

Maaike Platvoet



Wendy Hulscher-Rijkeboer


B&A (Library and Archive)

José Vroom


CTW (Engineering Technology)

Rita Erdmann



Edward Borggreve


FB (Facility Service Centre)

Jos Scheepvaart


FEZ (Financial and Economic Affairs)

André Bouwhuis


BMS (behavioural sciences)

Paul Oostrom

Sabri Tunc

HR (Human Resources)

Moniek Assink-Wiggers


ICTS (ICT- Service Centre)

Herman Tiemens


ITC (Geo-information Science and Earth Observation)

Wim van Keulen


M&C (Marketing and Communications)

Ans Wassink


S&B (Strategy & Policy)

Jolanda Bohemen


S&O (Student & Education Service Centre)

Silvia Kampherbeek


TNW (Science and Technology)

Harma Westerhof-Schoonderwoert


In case of prolonged absence of the contact, you should report to the contact of another unit. This also applies to UT employees who aren’t employed by any of the above mentioned units.