Newsmail 27th June 2013

Dear employee,

In 2012 the principles were adopted for the university’s travel policy. This travel policy is to result in a more uniform practice for (the reimbursement of) business trips in line with applicable legislation and regulations.

In the past year, the travel policy has been worked out in more detail and implemented on essential points. The Executive Board is aware that the changes that are involved in this put a great demand on the organisation and its staff. Any problems staff are faced with will be taken seriously and solved as quickly as possible.

The employee organisations recently agreed to a new reimbursement scheme for domestic and business trips which fully incorporates all the starting points and principles of the travel policy. This scheme will become effective on 1 July 2013 and applies to all staff of the university. As from this date, all existing (decentralised) schemes and instructions for reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs in the context of business trips will be abolished.

Below we have listed the main changes:


It is no longer possible to claim standard amounts as expenses. Only actually incurred costs will be eligible for reimbursement. As a standard rule, reimbursement takes place on the basis of original invoices. If submission of usable supporting documents is not possible, the administrator (dean or director) may allow the staff member in question to provide a specification of his or her expenses.


Expenses are to be claimed within 3 months after the business trip. If this period is exceeded, the expenses cannot be reimbursed.


The lower limit for any advances provided is €200. If the expenses are expected to be below this amount, the university will not provide an advance.


The separate co-travel allowance of €0.07 per km per person has been abolished. If several staff members travel together in one car and the superior has given permission for this, the staff member who owns the car will receive an allowance of €0.19 per km.

If you have any questions about the new reimbursement scheme, please refer to the HR adviser of your faculty, group directorate or service centre.

Drs. Mirjam Spit

Director of Human Resources