How to book a flight



The starting point is that the staff member liaises with his superior in advance about any business trips the staff member makes.


Then collect information on:


preferred stay, departure and return date, time, airport, ….


Personal information, ID number, expiration date ID, ….


Special needs: dietary, ….


OFI number and agreed upon budget


Contact your authorized booker (usually secretary office)*


Make sure you arrange for the required travel documents, such as visa, etc.

* ITC employees will continue to use the UTTU for their travels.

Authorized booker 

Only a limited amount of people are authorized to book a flight with ATP Online. These authorized bookers are required to book simple point-to-point flights through ATP Online. An example of a point to point flight is Amsterdam – London / London – Amsterdam. More information on how to book a flight using ATP Online is available in the Getting Started Guide on this website. This Getting Started Guide is also available in ATP Online.

For more complicated flights you can contact the UTTU for assistance. In order for the UTTU to book a flight you need to fill out a Travel Request Form and send the signed form accompanied by a copy of the passport to



Using ATP for other services (e.g. hotels, cars) is NOT mandatory


You can’t book a flight without a valid OFI number


You can’t book a flight without the use of a valid UT email address


Low cost carrier flights often don’t automatically include checked baggage. When check-in baggage is needed, please put a note in the remark box


The UT Travel Policy only allows for Economy class flights. When needed contact the UTTU


ITC employees still need to contact the UTTU for their travels



Please check if your name (family name + first given name) is correctly spelled according to your passport. For ladies only: the title MRS is only to indicate that you are female.


It is possible to check your reservation at You need your reservation number. A complete manual on how to use Galileo Viewtrip is to be found under instructions.


Please contact ATP Emergency Travel Desk ONLY in case of emergency outside office hours and after you contacted your insurance.


If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at


If your suitcase does not arrive with the same plane as you travel, please contact the airline and let them make a PIR (Passenger Irregularity Report). You can always ask the airline you arrived with for first expenses if your suitcase does not arrive on time. This amount is US$ 50.=, so you can buy at least a toothbrush and some other things you need.


In most cases it is necessary to reconfirm your flights locally. Please contact the airline locally. With KLM and a few other airlines reconfirmation is not necessary.


Please print out the e-mail with your ticket and take it with you to the check-in desk at the airport. In some countries you need this information in print when arriving or departing.


With a few airlines (for example KLM and BA) it is possible to check-in online. With KLM you can check-in 30 hours before departure and for BA it is 24 hours. When arriving at the airport, you can drop off your luggage at the baggage drop-off points.


For more information about check-in and luggage, please check the website of your airline.