Booking and ATP Online

Which persons are authorized to book via the online booking tool?

Each unit (faculty, department or service centre) appointed a limited amount of people who will be able to book trips for their unit (or research group). In most cases this will be the secretary office.

Is it possible to book my own trip using the online booking tool?

No, without authorization it is not possible to book your own trip using the online booking tool. Only a limited amount of people have access to an account (usually secretary offices). They are able to book flights.

Can I use the online booking tool to get an idea about the travel possibilities?

No. We recommend you ask an authorized booker to look up the flight, etc. Flights and prizes shown in ATP Online differ from other suppliers or the general ATP website.

What information is necessary to book a flight?

Destination, Departure and Return date

Full name (according to ID)


OFI number

Dietary requirements, special needs

How do I change or cancel a flight/booking?

Ask your authorized booker to cancel or change your flight/booking. Note that in most cases the airline will charge a fee.


Is it possible to book for a third party such as a private partner? 

No, that is not possible. A solution is to book the same flight trough ATP or the UTTU on a private credit card and ask ATP or the UTTU to combine them afterwards. That way it is possible to travel together but the invoices will be separate.

Is it possible to specify when part of the expenses should by charged to a private account? 

No that is not possible.

Is it possible to book a flight without a valid OFI number?

No, all business trips have to be pre-approved by the budget controller. Without a valid OFI number the booking will not be finalized and be removed from the system.

Can I travel by Business Class?

No, the travel policy of the UT does not allow you to travel business class. If necessary contact the UTTU.

Who will receive a (copy of) the ticket?

Tickets will be issued to the person who booked the ticket and a copy of the ticket will be send to the UTTU.

Other services

Can ATP arrange for my visa?

No, every person is responsible for his/her own visa (and other travel documents, vaccines etc.). However, ATP and UTTU can advise you on the matter. Also, the flight confirmation usually contains information on the travel documents needed. More information on visa.

Where do I register in case of emergency?

You need to register emergency tracking using the option International Registration (Registratie verblijf buitenland) in the ‘webapplications’ on the UT site.


Is there a travel cancellation insurance for members of the University?

No, there is not.

What extra services does ATP offer apart from flight tickets? 

- Hotel bookings
- Car rental
- International trains
- Visa
- Sms alert (small fee required)

Is it possible to book domestic train travel using ATP?

No. For domestic train travel the UT uses the NS Business Card.

Is the SMS service free of charge?

No, you will pay a small amount per received message. The UT does not recommend using this service if you depart from Enschede. Because of the travel time between Enschede and the nearest airports, a flight cancellation SMS will usually arrive after you have left for the airport. More information is available through (Dutch)


Is anything agreed on compensation for CO2 emissions? 


What should I do in case of emergency abroad?

Contact your insurance. They are usually best equipped to help in these situations. When your insurance is not able to help you, you can contact the ATP Travel Emergency Desk + 31 (0) 20 2011 350.


From what date is it possible to book via ATP Online and is it there an obligation to use ATP? 

The starting date is 15 March 2013. There is a commercial contract (under civil law – het privaatrecht in Dutch) which binds the University and ATP. The contract states, as the tender did, that the University will commission its travel through ATP. Also the European tendering legislation only allows contracts which have been publicly tendered, other contracts, e.g. tickets booked via an alternative travel agent, will not be reimbursed


What is the web address of this website and how do I get in touch with ATP? 

Phone: +31 (0)20 2011 350

ATP Travel Emergency Desk + 31 (0) 20 2011 350 (always try to reach your insurance or the UTTU first and only after business hours or during weekends)


Which advantages are there when a staff member uses ATP Online? 

There is no longer a need to charge your air travel expenses since ATP is able to bill most of its services (including bookings with low cost carriers) directly to the University. This also means that the administrative costs for the University will decrease substantially.
Before, the University had no contract with any travel agent, so the University was not seen as a single organisation with buying power, but as a collection of individuals. Therefore we were not able to negotiate substantial (or any) discounts even with the airlines we frequently used. The possibility to collect data, which ATP offers, also means the possibility to negotiate reductions in ticket prices with the larger airlines. Also the fixed fees for tickets are extremely low. 
By booking with the online tool a travel profile will be created. This means that, when you are a frequent flyer, the tool remembers your details (passport, visa, seat specifics, special meals, frequent flyer number etc).