Foreign business trips (ATP)

On this website you will find information about services relating to foreign business trips, especially air travel.

ATP Corporate Travel

As of March 2013 UT employees are obliged to make use of travel agent ATP for booking flights. Flights booked after that date via a different travel provider will no longer be reimbursed by the University of Twente. In addition, bookings will be arranged via authorized bookers. The ITC faculty is contract owner.

University of Twente Travel Unit (UTTU)
Where necessary (complicated combination trips, group trips, special destinations, rebookings, etc.) employees can call in the assistance of the UT Travel Unit located within the ITC faculty. The UTTU can also advise on visa applications.

This section provides an overview of all information related to booking a trip, like instructions and procedures on how to book a trip, the UT travel policy, the online booking tool, and contact information for the UT Travel Unit.

Booking a flight
Simple flights (ABA) have to be booked via the ATP Online tool by authorized staff. More information about booking a trip is available under ‘instructions’.

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