Absenteeism protocol (>6 weeks)








Week 3-6

Follow-up contacts

Staff member/Superior


Showing interest and involvement












Evaluating agreements made








Week 5

Formulating problem analysis

Superior/Reintegration coordinator


Consultation about necessity of problem analysis














Week 6

Formulating problem analysis in case of impending prolonged absenteeism

Working conditions service


Nature of the absenteeism












Prognosis length of the absenteeism












Anticipated outcome: return to own job: yes or no?












Advice regarding interventions








Week 8

Formulating a plan of action

Superior/ Staff member


Making agreements in consultation based on problem analysis; recording these








From week 8

Executing plan of action

Superior/ Staff member












Discussing progress plan of action, discussing interventions




Human resources advisor






Medical officer






More senior manager






Reintegration coordinator






















Week 26 – 104

Contact moments

Superior/Staff Member

At least once every 4 weeks







Medical officer

Depending on the situation at least once every 6 weeks












Following the plan of action




Checking whether all possibilities for reintegration are used














Contact with superior

Reintegration coordinator


6 months

Informing staff member about legal position after 9 months of absenteeism

Reintegration coordinator

Explaining level of salary if salary cut is applied in connection with sickness

9 months

Salary cut in accordance with agreements under CAO (collective labour agreement)

Reintegration coordinator

Calculating on a monthly basis the salary cut to be applied, as well as calculating subsequent payments in connection with carrying out fitting activities








Informing UWV: prior announcement possible WIA










Sickness report UWV



12 months

Evaluation 1st year


Shake-up moment to assess whether everything is proceeding according to plan



Staff member






87 weeks

Application WIA benefit

Staff member

With support of RC







Medical officer

Medical information





104 weeks

WIA examination


Establishing category:








Permanent disability




(full benefit)








Partial disability





















After granting WIA

Adjusting employment

Human resources advisor

Recording new situation



Faculty board




Executive Board