Absenteeism Protol

Schematic outline of ABSENTEEISM PROTOCOL Annexe VI



















Day 1

Reporting sick to superior or his replacement

Staff member

Practical arrangements about tasks to be taken over, etc.


















Approves the sickness report












Makes appointment for 1st follow-up contact












Passes on sickness report to registration officer









Registration sickness report

Registration officer

Sickness related to pregnancy?






If so, report to RC












































When recovered

Reporting recovery to superior

Staff member

Agreeing who reports recovery to registration officer









If necessary:






cancelling appointment working conditions council

Staff member











Registration recovery

Registration officer

Catching up on developments in work situation. Examining whether absenteeism could have been avoided; if so, making arrangements for the future









Discussing resumption of work

Superior/Staff member

In case of phased reintegration, informing registration officer with each step taken












































On reintegration/Fitting activities

Each adjustment to be reported to the registration officer

Superior/Staff member


























































1st week

Telephone call

Staff member + Superior

Discussing limitations and possibilities for reintegration.





Agree contact moment for week 2
































2nd week

Meeting at the workplace

Staff member/Superior

Discussing possibilities alternative or adjusted tasks

















1. Establishing that short-term absenteeism is involved











Formulating a plan of action
















Full reintegration < 6 weeks











2. Establishing that prolonged absenteeism is involved > 6 weeks











Consultation about trajectory to be plotted










Superior/Reintegration coordinator

Determining together whether to call in medical officer