Staffgroup Human Resources

Are you looking for know-how and expertise within Human Resources?
Who, for example, is the childcare specialist? Below you will find the telephone numbers and (email) addresses Human Resources.

By clicking on the name of the relevant staff member, you can send an email with your question(s), advice and further information on personnel affairs to any of the staff members below.

Of course your first point of contact remains the HR-advisor of your own faculty or service department

HR Management

J.M. Sluijs

telefoon 1022


HR Policy Advisor

A.M. Baars

telefoon 1021


Programme coördinator Lean

J C.M. Franken

telefoon 8996


Secretary and Support telefoon 8012

HR Informatie & Administration
Personnel Information

A.G.M.J. Holterman Manager

telefoon 2636




M. Anzalone

telefoon 1133




M.G.H. Bruinsma





H. ter Horst-Mulder

telefoon 2218




M.D. Roelofs-Kamphuis

telefoon 4561





R. Brinkman

telefoon 2300




HR Informatie & Administration
Salary administration

J.A.J. de Bot Manager salary records

telefoon 2188





J.G.M. Kreuwel

telefoon 2725




S.H.M. Hesse

telefoon 2835




M.H.G. Onland-ter Huurne

telefoon 4032





W.K. Hukker Contact salary and payroll taxes

telefoon 4409




A.J.A. Welman-Pennekamp

telefoon 2195





P. Wolters

telefoon 4991





H.E.M. Peters-Kuipers

telefoon 3935





L. Willeme-Hagelen

telefoon 4131


HR Informatie & Administration
Service Desk

For information on general personnel affairs,

telefoon 8011, fax 053-4893119,



S.A.M. Mensink Coördinator

telefoon 4893




M. Cagri

telefoon 9921




I.R. Busschers-Lohuis

telefoon 4299





N. Amoruso

telefoon 2236





J.T.G. Wolters-Boers Communication assistant

telefoon 3901




Terms of employment, Legal Status & Participation

E. Hooftman - van Rietschoten
Labor lawyer and secretary local consultion

telefoon 2608




I.M. Miessen Senior (register) Casemanager

telefoon 2240





H.F. Evers MBA Labor lawyer

telefoon 3946





L.M. Koopmans-Bloemen Policy manager

telefoon 4166



Objection Committee

C.G.M. Jenniskens secretary
Appeals Committee personnel matters Secretary Complaints

telefoon 5462



Recruitment and INternationalization
Office Foreign Employees

M.Strubbe Policy advisor Recruitment & Internationalization

telefoon 5471




C.P.J. Schouten

telefoon 3245




E.E. van Erven-Boerrigter

telefoon 4310




M. Melisie

telefoon 4480




D. Keuken

telefoon 3705




Career Development Centre

A.B.G. Bergsma Sr. Advisor Training & Development

telefoon 6721





M.J.H. Rietman Course coordinator

telefoon 8010




HR Management Central & Decentral

J.W.C. Somsen HR-Manager S&B, LISA , HR

telefoon 4873




A.D. Konter-Selderhuis HR-Manager CES,
M&C (from Aug till Dec replacement by Anita Borgerink phone 8013)

telefoon 2049




J. Kollen HR-Manager FEZ, FB, AZ (FA, KP, UTN, BOCvB en EC)

telefoon 2228





E. Reudink HR-advisor (FB, EC and CES)

telefoon 1132




M.L. Lokken HR-assistant LISA, HR, FEZ, AZ Campus

telefoon 3833





C. Maas HR-assistant FB, S&B, AZ

telefoon 4480




I. Vuurpijl HR-assistant CES, M&C

telefoon 4308







Development & Talent Management

Sr. Police manager






R.E.M. de Sousa Career, employability & mobility

telefoon 4392




M. Sjerps Manager Learning & Development

telefoon 4161





Organisation Consultancy

V.J.M. Veenhof (Organisation recommendation)

telefoon 2650





Programme Manager

M.J. Winkler

telefoon 5865





Safety, Health & Environment

A.D. Konter-Selderhuis Manager Occupational safety & health

telefoon 2049




G.J.H. Schokkin Occupational hygienist and biological safety

telefoon 3824 




J.M.J. Sanders Safety and radiation

telefoon 6426


I. Stalknecht Absenteeism Coördinator Re-integration

telefoon 3035


H.J.M. Holtkamp Health & Safety coordinator

telefoon 5820





Emergency services (BHV)

H.G. Bleijerveld coordinator BHV

telefoon 6427




Registry office

S.A. Schulenberg

telefoon 2113





E.G.L. Sueters-Moes

telefoon 3032





R.H.M. Harmelink

telefoon 8092