Create your future

UT launches a career website for employees & management:

The professionals who work at the UT put a lot of passion and drive into their work. Each and every day we work together on increasing the quality of our education, our groundbreaking research and commercial knowledge transfer.

In times of change, innovation, profiling, creativity, courage and entrepreneurship, continuing to invest in yourself is particularly important. Which also means: taking time to reflect on your development and career, asking questions such as ‘where would I like more breadth or depth, and what will this require of me? ’ and ‘what are my ambitions for the (near) future?’

Your development as a professional is, at heart, your own responsibility. But to inspire you, and provide you with tools, the UT has developed a website: Create your future. Don’t hesitate to contact the HR department if you have any questions.

This website is especially intended to draw attention to what is on offer in the way of professionalization and career development, from three perspectives:


my perspective; where do I stand? What do I want?


my development; How can I specialize further or achieve greater depth?


my next step; How can I broaden my horizon?

Apart from practical information, you will also find examples of colleagues who are consciously working on their own development.

Career Development Centre
The HR department has designed the Career Development Centre, a team of experts who specifically focus on professionalization and career development. The aim of the CDC is to support staff and supervisors in their individual and/or joint development, so that they remain capable of realizing high-quality work in the continually fluctuating environment in which the UT operates.