smoking policySmoking is prohibited in all buildings of the UT; in public spaces as well as work places. The smoking ban also applies to off-hours and in buildings that have been put out of use because of renovation work. The principal tenant of a building is responsible for compliance with any agreements with regard to non-smoking areas. In case of violation of the Tobacco Act, the NVWA imposes a fine (€ 600 – 4500) on the employer. The UT will recover these fines in full from the perpetrator personally.

The entrances of each building state that a general smoking ban is in place in the building in question. If a smoking area is available in or near a building, it will be signposted where it is located.

The principal tenant of a building can designate spaces within and/or outside the building where smoking is allowed. Smoking areas are realised in consultation with and by the Facilities Department. The costs are for the principal tenant. These smoking areas may not be used as working space. No smoking nuisance may be created outside a smoking area in any way whatsoever. In practice, this means among other things that, in buildings, rooms need to be closed (for example by door-closers) and that the air is discharged outside, so that there will be no nuisance or inconvenience outside this smoking area. For spaces outside the building in general this means that such spaces may not be situated close to any entrance and not in the immediate vicinity of rooms that can be opened.