Nowadays many people are keen on healthy living and eating. The dietitian is the expert on food, lifestyle and health and is best equipped to help you live a healthy life.

Should you have any questions on food and healthy eating, or have any food-related complaints, visit the open surgery of Marike ten Oever, dietitian. She has an open surgery every first Tuesday morning of the month. Every visitor has 20 minutes to ask questions or even have a screening performed.

Such a screening could involve measuring your weight, BMI, fat percentage, girth, blood pressure and, if desired, blood sugar levels. Based on these measurement data, Marike ten Oever will provide you with a personalized advice and, should this be necessary, inform you about what standard follow-up track you should follow.

In other words, the open surgery is
not meant to provide you with standard treatment from the dietitian, but to be an accessible way for you to gain an overview of your eating and living habits and what assistance a dietitian could provide.

The open surgery is in principle held every first Tuesday of the month on the UT premises, in the R. Polman physiotherapy practice in the Gallery.

From April 1, the location will be changed to:

Huisartsenpraktijk Campus UT

Campuslaan 99

So as to prevent waiting times and queues, we request that you register for the open surgery (see below link).

For any questions you may have before you visit the open surgery, contact Marike ten Oever by email: