Schedule 2016-2017






192166100 Human Media Interaction Project

192166100 Human Media Interaction Project


191612680 Computer Ethics UT



201600076 foundations of Information Retrieval

201600075 Speech processing

191210910 Image processing and computer vision

201100254 Adv. Comp. Vision & Pattern Recognition

201600074 Natural Language Processing

201600081 ARP in natural language processing

201600082 ARP in speech processing

201300074 REDI

201600070 Basic Machine Learning

201600071 Advanced Machine Learning

201600077 conversational agents

201600073 Affective computing

201600086 ARP in Human Robot interaction*


201600078 Brain computer interfaces

201600079 Trends in human robot interaction

201600080 ARP in Affective computing**



201600085 ARP in brain computer interfaces




201600084 ARP in conversational agents

201000113 User Centered Design of New Media


201100126 Human Computer Interaction

201600087 Designing interactive experiences

192850830 Create the Future


192111301 Ubiquitous Computing

201000201 Virtual Reality

201500133 Embodied Interaction

201500440 Design and Emotion


192320601 Multi Agent Systems

201400174 Data Science

201400174 Data Science


201200063 Philosophy of Technology

192140302 Artificial Intelligence (Self-Tuition)

201400180 Multi-Sensory Design







HMI core courses (mandatory)




Techniques to build (socially) intelligent interactive systems (at least 20 EC including at least 1 advanced course)


Additional HCI and design electives







*Offered as of 2017-2018

** Only offered to students who previously completed Capita Selecta HRI (contact the lecturer for more information)

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