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Moving to a different room (one or more persons/rooms)


Moving to another room is arranged by the Facility Service Centre. Applying for a move can be done at the Service Desk or with the Facility Teamleader of your building. The Facility Teamleader organizes the move. The Facility Service Centre distinguishes between two types of move.


Internal moves (maximum of two rooms)


Internal moves (more than two rooms) and external moves*

* external moves are moves between different buildings on campus or moves from the campus to an external location



Internal moves (maximum two rooms)

A move of two or less rooms is done by your building caretakers. A move needs to be registered with the Facility Teamleader one week before the actual move takes place. A caretaker will discuss the process with you. The caretaker will move furniture and boxes, adjust any nameplate and provide you with keys. The preparations are done by the person who is moving, i.e. packing boxes, and arranging changing contact information (phone, room number, etc.) and ICT connections.


Internal moves (more than 2 rooms) and external moves

These two types of move are done by an external organization. The Facility Teamleader requests a proposal from the external organization, which is discussed with the customer. After approval of the proposal, the customer and the Facility Teamleader plan a time schedule. This schedule takes into account any rebuilding and extra cleaning that has to be arranged in connection with the move. The Facility Teamleader manages security throughout the whole process.

Delivery times

Internal moves with a maximum of two rooms can be completed within eight work days. Moves that are done by the external organization can be completed within three weeks.


The costs of an internal move are part of the normal service level, but moves done by the external organization are paid for by the customer.


The operational aspect of the move is the responsibility of the caretaker of your building, and the Facility Teamleader is responsible for the process.