Security Awareness

The Security Department has several tips to help prevent crime:


Always close doors and windows if you’re the last to leave the room, even if it’s for a short while.


If you hung up your coat, please remove your wallet and important papers from the coat.


Make sure your desk is clean before you leave for home. Keep valuable belongings in a closed closet.


Be careful with placing monitors, computers and printers close to a window. Someone could easily break the window and take the devices.


Be aware of suspicious things. If you’re in doubt, don’t hestitate to call your service desk or the Security Department.


If you’re a victim of a burglar or something else, alert the Security Department and the police. You can contact the police via The Security Department is available at all times in building Spiegel. You can call the department at 053-489 2134, or in case of an emergency at 053-489-2222.