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The campus has many good facilities available for parties and events. To ensure safety and environmental regulations are met, all parties and events must comply with certain conditions. This protocol describes the steps you have to take in order to hold a party or event on the campus.


In the new environmental permit, the local authority gives the University permission to organize 8 events and 4 concerts each year, which includes permission for deregulated noise standards. These event permissions are mostly used by the ‘Batavierenrace’ and the Introduction week. For all other parties and events normal noise standards apply, which means that no recognizable musical sounds may be heard outside the campus terrain. For these parties or events, no permits are granted.


For a party or event in an educational building after office hours, the organizer has to request permission from the Facility Teamleader of the relevant building.


All parties and events organized that will have more than 50 people attending must be registered with the Events Desk (phone 053–489 3075, email at least three weeks before the day the party or event takes place. They will inform the organizer(s) of the party or event about the measures that have to be taken in order to decrease safety risks and any inconveniences for the public. Based on this information, permission for the event will be granted or refused.


When permission is granted, the Events Desk will provide the following information to the Security Service;

§ Start time of the event

§ End time of the event

§ Expected number of people attending the event

§ Location of the event

§ Name and phone number of the contact person for the event


When organizing a party or activity certain measures have to be taken in order to prevent recognizable musical sounds being heard outside the campus terrain. Also the organizer of the event needs to take measures to ensure visitors safety. Depending on the type of activity and the number of people attending, this can vary from fire extinguishers to first aid services to evacuation planning. The organizer(s) have to record this in an action plan. The action plan is checked and approved or rejected by the Events Desk. They will discuss this plan with, among others, the Security Service.


During parties, HR, in cooperation with the Events Desk, can perform an inspection of the discussed and agreed safety precautions.


If there are complaints from neighbors, the Security Service or the police will contact the organizer(s) of the party or event. The organizer(s) will take action in consultation with either the Security Service or police to reduce the nuisance. In situations where the organizer(s) take little or no action to reduce the nuisance, the Security Service and/or the police will stop the event.


A party or event with more than 50 people that is not registered through the Events Desk can be stopped immediately by the Security Service and/or police on their own authority.


Also for parties or events with less than 50 people, the rule of no recognizable musical sounds outside campus terrain still applies. From complaints of neighbors, the Security Service and/or police are allowed to stop the event.


Possible fines will be charged to the organizer of the event.

If you have questions about this information, contact Mariëlle Winkler/HR, 053–489 3602.