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The campus has several free parking facilities near the buildings. The biggest facilities are marked P1, P2 and P3 on the directional signs. It’s prohibited to park outside the parking spots.


You can find the available parking facilities on this map. (Dutch)

There are different types of parking spots on campus:


General parking spots


Parking spots for license holders


Parking spots for the disabled


Parking spots for your (motor) bike

You may only park your bike in the designated parking spots. The Facility Service Centre is allowed to remove bikes that are parked wrong. Motor bikes should be parked in one parking spot for a car.

Parking spots for the disabled

There are several parking spots for disabled persons at each parking facility. Naturally, these spots may only be used by those people. If there is a need for more of these parking spots, you may contact the Facility Service Centre.

License holders

In certain cases, studentes, employees and other parties can request a parking license. The Facility Service Centre will review the request. If the request is approved, the license can be retrieved from Security Service. There are several reasons to request a license:


Based on medical reasons


Support staff of the UT




Temporary or incidental

Since there are just a few parking spots for license holders, the review process is very strict. The license will be valid for a certain period, based on the reasons for the request.

One-day license

It’s possible to request a one-day parking license in case of special events (e.g. you are a supplier of equipment). These cards should be returned at the security service after use (max. 1 day). The cards are registered with your name and you’ll have to sign the key list.

For questions about this, you can contact security service.


Contact security service.




The security service is responsible for the parking regulations and may, if necessary, give you a warning ticket. Your license plate number will be registered in a database and in case of a second violation the security service will ask the police to handle the case. The police also patrols the terrain on a regular basis. In case they find vehicles parked in the wrong way, they will take measures.

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