General security information

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The job description of the security department.


The security department takes care of order, peace and safety on campus. The department consists of professional employees and, when needed, will be supported by a private security company. The department is housed in building Spiegel, which is located at the entrance of the university terrain.

Security service patrols the whole campus. During this, buildings are checked for irregularities. If any are found, they will be reported to the Facility Teamleaders and the service desk of your building, so appropriate actions can be undertaken.

Alarm numbers en availability

The security department is available 24/7. You can reach the department by calling the number 2134. In case of a calamity, you should use the internal alarm number 2222.

Disturbance and weird situations

Don’t hesitate to call the department in case of a calamity or unsafe situations. Besides an operator, one or two security guards will be available to help you. If necessary, the department has connections with the emergency services, such as the police, the fire department or the ambulance service.