Emergency response (BHV)

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Information about the emergency response at the UT.


Calamities where the safety of a person is in danger, or damages to the properties of the UT were done or could be done, are to be reported as soon as possible through the alarm number 2222. The operator of the security department will contact the nearest emergency response team and send them to the right place. If medical care is needed, a doctor or nurse will give advice. When needed, a doctor will come.

How to alert

Every calamity must be reported via the alarm number 2222, even if you’ve already called the national alarm number 112. The security department can then guide emergency services when they arrive at the UT. This way, the emergency services don’t have to look for the right place. Only this way, the security department can prepare for the guidance, so he will not be greeted with any unpleasant surprises.


All employees of the security department have a emergency response or first aid certificate. They’re also trained for the use of an AED. In case an employee of the security department has doubts about the severance of wounds or the health of the victim, first aid will be provided and the victim will be redirected to a doctors post or the hospital (Medisch Spectrum Twente).

Important phone numbers

Alarm number University of Twente:


National alarm number:


Department of security:


Police of Twente:

0900 - 8844

Local police officer:

06 – 22 93 19 93

Doctor service information number:

0900 - 431 3333

Dentist (weekend):

0900 - 128 2632

Animal rescue:

06 – 53 42 10 66

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