Entry barriers

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Why the barriers?

On the east side of the campus, a fast north-south route is missing. Drivers have to take a detour on the Horstlindelaan, Langenkampweg and the Bosweg. However, many would rather use the campus as a short cut. It saves driving just over 2km, but it increases accidents, creates an impression of a busy traffic environment, spoils the campus character, and increases wear and tear on roads, and therefore also increases our roading costs. The barriers are used to prevent traffic using the campus as a short cut.

Who can have a barrier entry card?

The cards are only available to university staff and students whose car is registered in their own name and at their own address, and have a postal code either on the campus or north of the campus.

Specifically for the following postal codes:






Postal code exceptions

Exceptions are made for some staff and students who own a private car and live, according to the ANWB route planner, more than 30km from the campus. These people can have a barrier entry card if it is likely that they travel to campus via the Vliegveldweg.

Campus residents who are not staff or students of the University can also apply for an entry card. However, their cars also have to be registered in their own names and at a campus address. Partners and children of campus residents can also obtain an entry card if they have a car registered in their own names and at a campus address.

Why these criteria?

Most staff and students do not travel to the campus by car or can conveniently use the main campus entrance (Charlie). Only those who need an entry card on a daily basis to gain access to the campus can have an entry card. We would like to prevent unused entry cards being passed on to others so that campus can be used as a short cut. Therefore, we use clear and uniform criteria which are followed consistently.

For how long are entry cards valid?

The entry cards remain valid for a maximum of 24 months. An extension is possible, but requires a new application. The entry cards automatically are no longer valid when you are no longer registered as a staff member or student of the University. The card numbers are removed from the database that feeds the recognition system of the barriers.

How can I apply for an entry card?

Applying for an entry card can only be done electronically by filling in and sending the application form for entry cards. It is not possible to apply for an entry card at the reception desk of the Security Service at Charlie (building 1).

Make sure you are registered in the staff or student administration with a valid postal code and address. This also applies for temporary staff. The staff and student administration acts as the basis for information control.

When and where do I pick up the entry card?

Due to necessary checks, after having filled in the electronic application, you have to wait before you can collect notice. After receiving the notice, you can collect your entry card at Charlie (building 1). The reception desk of Charlie is open 24 hours a day. When you receive the entry card, we need a €10 bond in cash. When you return your entry card you will be given back your €10 bond. Replacing a lost entry card also costs €10.

How strict is the control when I pick up my entry card?

When collecting your entry card you must show:


Your UT student ID card or your UT staff ID card which shows your staff number and photograph. This UT identification is issued by CSA, situated in Bastille (building 48). Campus residents who do not work or study at the University are expected to identify themselves with either a passport or driver’s licence.


Your vehicle registration certificate, part II. The vehicle registration certificate has to be registered to your own name and initials, address and postal code.

Staff and students have to take in account that the above mentioned measures are strictly followed. This means that on the vehicle registration certificate both the name and initials, and address and postal code have to be correct. For UT staff one of these can be different (for example if the card holder is your partner or if you have recently moved). If both are different, UT staff also have to register their vehicle registration certificate in their own name.

If you have a lease car, it is possible to show your lease contract instead of your vehicle registration certificate, provided that it is registered in your own name and at your own address.

What exceptions can be made?


Third parties residing on campus, for example Acasa, Vlinder, SAD, Bouwhuis, BTG, Twente Solid State Technology, dental office, CIOS. After consultation, these third parties receive a limited amount of entry cards in their company name. Further management and distribution of entry cards is the responsibility of the third party.


Regular suppliers to the university; Asito, Ginkel Groep, Croon, Dalkia, Sylva, etc. After consultation, these suppliers receive a limited amount of entry cards in their company name. Further management and distribution of entry cards is the responsibility of the supplier. Other suppliers are not considered for entry cards.


Company cars and special work sites (owned by the University or companies located on campus). Every company car is supplied with an entry card. This card is specifically for the car and not the driver. In special cases an entry card is assigned to a specific work site (for example, the reception desk of Hogekamp (building 45).

What exceptions cannot be made?


If you are a student who registered their car in a family member’s name because the insurance is cheaper, you will not receive an entry card. This would create a precedent that would allow many students to give entry cards to third parties who might use the campus as a short cut.


If your partner has a second car in his/her own name and would like a personal entry card, this is only allowed if your partner also works or studies at the University.


If before you retired you worked at the University and now you still visit the campus often, you are welcome to enter the campus through the main entrance at Charlie, but you are no longer able to have an entry card.

Where can I ask questions or send comments?

Email slagboom@fb.utwente.nl