Access authorization

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Access registration and access regulation outside office hours


You gain access to a building by holding a authorized access card (employee card or student card) in front of the card reader. Everytime you use the access card to enter a building, the system registers your presence, so that in case of a calamity the security department can make a list of persons in the building. If you take someone with you who does not own an authorized access card, please notify the security department of this.

If you lose your pass, please report to the security service immediately so the card can be blocked.


Requesting access authorisation is done be filling in the access registration form, which van be acquired at the service desk of your building. You can return the form at the service desk, once it’s completely filled in. The form is then faxed to the security service and will be processed as soon as possible. After that, the access authorization will be activated on your card. In case you don’t have a suited card, you can collect the access card at the security service. You should have an identification on you. The security department only authorizes for the main entrances of the buildings. For access to rooms inside the buildings, please refer to your service desk.




Authorizing and issuing access cards is the responsibility of the security department.

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