External mail

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Sending mail off campus. Note, the Capitool and KPMG buildings are considered part of the campus.


External mail is collected in the blue mailbag from your department secretary office staff, and then this blue mailbag is collected from the Service Desk. When the mailbag is delivered to the Service desk before the second mail round takes place, it is processed the same day and taken to the external mail organization.

Addresses need to be clearly readable and include all necessary information to ensure the mail can be delivered. A standard address form is preferred.

Dutch mail addresses consist of the following:


The lowest line is has the postal code and place name. A postal code consists of four numbers and two capital letters, separated by a space. The postal code and place name are separated by two spaces. The place name is in capital letters.


The line above consists of the street name or post office box (PO Box) and corresponding number.


In the lines above remaining information is mentioned; name, business name, contact person, department, room number, etc. This can be more than one line.

For all external mail, external rules apply regarding weight and size. These rules are the same throughout the Netherlands.


Letters, samples and print publications: minimum size 9 x 14cm, maximum size 38 x 26.5 x 3.2cm, and a maximum weight of 3kg.


Cards (minimum paper weigh 170g): minimum size 9 x 14cm, maximum size 23.5 x 16.2cm.


Parcels: minimum size 9 x 14cm, maximum size 140 x 78 x 58cm, for national destinations the maximum weight is 30kg and for international destinations the maximum weight is 20kg. http://www.tntpost.nl/voorthuis/brieven-en-kaarten/tarieven/afmetingen.aspx

Follow these recommendations to improve mail processing:


Always use a postal code. Letter and parcels without a postal code take longer to arrive at their destinations. Dutch postal codes can be looked up on http://www.tntpost.nl/zakelijk/site/zoeken/postcode/


Print the address


Do not use italics


If handwriting, use block letters


Do not underline words



External mail is delivered to the Service Desk in the blue mailbag by your department


Deliver internal and external mail separately. The blue mailbag is only to be used for external mail.


The mail in the blue mailbag needs to be delivered with all addresses facing the same side of the bag.

Delivery times

All external mail that is delivered at the Service desk before the 2nd mail round is processed on the same day. Please notify the mailroom (phone 2118) about bigger mailings (above 500 pieces) at least 24 hours before they are sent so that the Service desk and the Central Mailroom can ensure that they have time to process these. When you do not pre-notify the Central Mailroom about large mailings, they cannot guarantee that this mail will be processed on the same day, and your mail may be processed the following day.


The costs for sending external mail will be charged to the OFI number that corresponds to the blue mailbag. The mail rates are as specified by the external mail organization. Mail tariffs can be looked up on http://www.tntpost.nl/voorthuis/brieven-en-kaarten/tarieven. The costs of incoming and outgoing mail will be deducted by Transpost at the current applicable rates. Each department receives an invoice of sent mail with postal charges each month.


Mail is the responsibility of the Central Mailroom of Transpost. The mailroom staff are able to answer your questions by email and/or telephone (2132).