Cleaning the sanitary

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Cleaning sanitary


During the office hours of your building the sanitary has to be up to the standard requirements. Depending on the intensity of usage of the sanitary Asito will adjust the frequency of cleaning.

Standard service

The parts of the standard service are listed below. A second check of cleanness in the sanitary rooms is performed daily between 12:00 and 14:00. If necessary the facilities will be refilled.


Cleaning the sanitary


Cleaning the floors


Cleaning the ‘ladies hygiene box’


Refilling the soap dispenser


Refilling the towel dispenser

Requesting new sanitary facilities

If you have any request for facilities you can contact the Servicedesk in your building.


All questions (and remarks) concerning cleaning can be answered by the Servicedesk in your building. If your building does not have a Servicedesk you can contact the central Servicedesk at 053 – 489 2400.

Delivery times

Due to the result based contract the cleaning service takes place the whole day. If you want to request extra cleaning you can contact the Servicedesk, the planning of extra cleaning will be discussed with you.


The costs of extra cleaning are calculated based on fixed rates.

Extra cleaning



PC-cleaning (cleaning the outside of the monitor and keyboard)

Price per unit

€ 0,68


Price per unit

€ 7,42


Price per m2

€ 2,18

Strip and conserve linoleum floors

Price per m2

€ 2,66

Conserving new linoleum floors

Price per m2

€ 1,55

Horizontal strips

Price per m2

€ 6,06

Vertical strips

Price per m2

€ 5,39


Price per m2

€ 2,88

Rebuilding cleaning

Price per m2

€ 1,64

Scrubbing hard floors

Price per m2

€ 0,46

Fire escapes

Price per stairs

€ 87,89



Contract management: Remco Bauhuis


Operational management: Facility Teamleader


Operational tasks: Asito

For contact information see contact persons.