Support in collegerooms

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Support with the facilities in college rooms


The caretakers support users of college rooms in order to make sure the activities take place the best they can.

The caretaker will help you with;


order and tidiness in the college room,


the placement of furniture,


repairs to malfunctioning equipment,


making sure your needs are met,


placing PowerPoint presentations on the computer,


replenishing markers,



Order and tidiness in the college room

To make the use of the college rooms as optimal as possible for all users, it is important that the rooms are left neat and tidy.


It is possible to rearrange the placement of furniture, on condition that the furniture is put back in the original placement.


After use the material has to be placed back to the original spot.


Waste belongs in the waste bin.


Eating or drinking is not allowed in college rooms.


Defects or malfunctions can be reported to the Servicedesk.

Placement of furniture

If you have wished regarding the placement of furniture that deviate from the standard you can ask for support from the caretaker to place the furniture to your needs. You can contact the caretaker through the Servicedesk in the building.

Malfunctions of equipment

When you encounter a malfunction in for instance a computer, projector, microphone, etc. directly call the Servicedesk in your building. They will send a caretaker to your college room as fast as possible.


Support in college rooms can be acquired through the Servicedesk in your building. Support during college hours is standard. If you have any questions or remarks, do not hesitate to contact the Servicedesk at any moment.


The responsibility of support in college rooms lies with the caretaker.