Reception arrangements


To provide for large drinks parties or events, we have put together several drinks arrangements for you. The price below is based on an event of 1.5 hours at most until 5.00 PM at the latest. If the reserved end time is exceeded, we will pass on the additional costs to you on the basis of subsequent calculation.

Drinks arrangement “Twente”

The arrangement consists of white wine, red wine, mineral water,
orange juice, (malt) beer and soft drinks.

- 20 to 50 persons € 8.25

- 50 persons or more € 7.75

Below you will find the prices of the range of drinks we serve:

bottle of beer (alcohol-free) € 1.50

bottle of beer € 1.50

young gin and matured gin € 1.85

white wine, red wine en rosé wine € 2.25

port € 2.25

sherry € 2.25

orange juice € 1.75

Spa rood € 1.50

tomato juice € 1.75

various soft drinks € 1.50

sparkling wine (per bottle) € 20.00

champagne (per bottle) € 60.00

N.B.: These prices do not apply to the Faculty Club.


Self-service reception

(Order through the web application)

This arrangement comprises the delivery of a wide assortment of beverages on a trolley up to maximum of 30 persons at the agreed time and place. The articles are delivered about 15 minutes before the start of the drinks party and glasses are provided. Sodexo does not deploy any staff for this.

The assortment of drinks consists of:

Beer (bottles)

Alcohol free beer (bottles)

White wine, red wine and rosé wine

Orange juice

Assorted soft drinks

Mineral water

Price of the arrangement € 3.95 p.p., exclusive of the addition of specific wishes and/or hot and cold snacks. The assumption is 3 consumptions p.p.

Should the consumption prove to exceed this, the costs of the actual consumption will be passed on to you.


Drinks party on the basis of actual costs

At this type of reception, members of our catering staff pour the drinks. The costs of the actual consumption are ultimately passed on to you. The prices of the drinks can be found on page 20. Staff costs will be passed on to you after 5.00 PM.


Table appetizers

(Order through the web application)

We offer you a wide choice of table appetizers. From naturally healthy to healthy appetite.

Appetizers (cold)

Olives de la casa (Spanish olives) (200 grams) per portion: € 3.25

Taco/Nachos chips with a spicy chilli sauce (200 grams) per portion: € 3.25

Fancy salted crackers (60 pieces) per portion: € 8.25

Sausage (20 pieces) per portion: € 5.75

Cheese (20 pieces) per portion: € 5.75

Mixed nuts (250 grams) per portion: € 7.00

Tip: Twente raw vegetables with dip

An assortment of fresh, crisp vegetables with a fresh yoghurt-chive sauce. This healthy snack consists of radishes, celery stalks, cucumber slices, carrot slices, sweet red pepper and cherry tomatoes, garnished with juicy chicory leaves.

per portion: € 5.00


(Order by way of the web application)

7.1 Reception snacks and savoury appetizers

Sodexo has put together a range of delicious culinary snacks for you.

Below please find suggestions which we use for the drinks party arrangements.

Business Class (standard cold snacks)

(minimum purchase 15 pieces) per piece: € 1.75

Pit dish of Dutch shrimps

Pit dish of Flemish ‘likkenpot’ paté

Canapé with minced raw beef

Canapé with coppa ham, melon and pine nuts

Carpaccio and pesto on a roll

Raw beef sausage with piccalilli mousse on a baguette

Gravad lax on a baguette

Smoked Norwegian salmon fillet on a baguette

Crab salad in a puff pastry cup

First Class (Fancy cold snacks)

(minimum purchase 15 pieces) per piece € 2.50

Glass filled with cucumber mousse and Dutch shrimp

Shaslik of fresh raw tuna with soy sauce and sesame seeds

Glass filled with tomato bavarois and dried raw ham

Smoked duck breast skewers with crushed popcorn

Glass filled with a slice of caramelised duck liver paté

Mini Gazpacho garnished with cucumber caviar

If more snacks are purchased, we will select a wide variety for you.

Appetizers “UT” € 3.00 p.p.

(at least 10 persons)

Hard German sausage

Fine liver sausage

Wedge of cheese

Japanese mixed nuts

Cocktail nuts

Hot: mini croquettes

Appetizers “Maria Alm” € 3.50 p.p.

(at least 10 persons)

Cheese wedges with pineapple/grapes

Brie on a baguette

Pit dish with meat salad

Fine liver sausage

Hot: mini croquettes

Hot: mini spring rolls

Appetizers “Executive” € 4.25 p.p.

(at least 10 persons)

Cheese wedge with pineapple/grapes

Meat salad on a baguette

Pieces of sausage with gherkin

Meatball in soy sauce with dried tomato

Pumpernickel snack

Hot: mini croquette

Appetizers “Willingen” € 4.60 p.p.

(at least 10 persons)

Cheese wedge with gherkin and pickled yellow pearl onions

Russian salad on a baguette

Egg salad on a pit dish

Peppered mackerel on a baguette

Mini meatball with gherkin

Hot: deep-fried snacks

Appetizers “Consultant” € 5.50 p.p.

(at least 10 persons)

Boursin farce on a baguette

Minced raw beef on a baguette

Rye bread with herring

Stuffed egg

Cone of paté

Hot: mini meatball with hot sauce

Tapas snacks (6 different items) € 12.50 p.p.

Think of marinated cheese, olives,
sausage wrapped in bacon, marinated tomatoes etc.
All this is prepared by our chef.

Savoury appetizers (hot)

(minimum purchase 40 pieces)

Hot shots € 0.80

Chicken fingers € 0.65

Petits crolines (filled with chicken, cheese, meat and fish) € 0.55

Deep-fried snacks € 0.70

Traditional mini meatball € 0.40

Mini meatballs with hot sauce € 0.90

7.2 Custom-made

We can, of course, provide custom-made items in addition to everything mentioned in this banqueting portfolio. The Reservations Office and the Banqueting Manager are always ready to put together an appropriate arrangement together with you.