Low budget packages


Low Budget Breakfast Package

€ 4.50 p.p.

(at least 20 persons)

1 loaf of white bread

1 loaf of brown bread

20 white rolls

20 wheat rolls

1 tub of margarine

200 gr. chocolate confetti

20 pieces mono jam

20 slices of cheese

20 slices of ham

Prices of additions (only for a low budget breakfast or lunch package):

Plastic service (plate, knife and fork) and napkin € 0.60

Normal service (plate, knife, fork) and napkin € 0.90

Bread, fancy € 1.55

Roll, fancy € 0.55

Milk/buttermilk, 0.25 litre € 0.65

Low Budget Barbecue Package

€ 6.50 p.p.

Takeaway barbecue package

(at least 40 persons)

Russian salad

Potato salad

Raw vegetable salad

Cold garlic and cocktail sauce

Saté and gypsy sauce

French bread


Barbecue sausage

Shoulder steak

Prices of additions (only for the above-mentioned barbecue package):

Plastic service (plate, knife, fork) and napkin € 0.60

Rental of gas barbecue € 22.50

Transport charges (per ride and on UT grounds) € 12.50

The above-mentioned barbecue package is delivered in bulk (i.e. salads in buckets, meat in vacuum-sealed bags, whole loaves of French bread and sauces and raw vegetables packed in plastic).

The package is delivered for a minimum of 40 persons. If there are fewer than 40 persons, we will be compelled to charge you a surcharge of the lesser number of persons times 50% of the price. The low budget barbecue package is delivered from Monday to Friday (from 08.30 AM to 5.00 PM) and delivered free of charge on the UT grounds. Other prices apply on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays and outside the UT grounds. Please contact the Reservations Office or Banqueting Manager about this.

Low Budget One-Pan Meals

€ 5.25 p.p.

(at least 25 persons)

Macaroni and cheese dish

Raw vegetable salad

French bread

€ 5.50 p.p.

Lasagne bolognese

Raw vegetable salad

French bread

€ 5.95 p.p.

Chicken fillets with curry sauce

Raw vegetable salad

€ 6.25 p.p.

Mexican stew


Raw vegetable salad

These meals are delivered in chafing dishes. The price of the above-mentioned meals is exclusive of plates, cutlery and staff. This is of course possible at an extra charge. Please contact the Banqueting Manager or Reservations Office about the possibilities.

Low Budget Salad Buffet

€ 7.50 p.p.

(at least 30 persons)

Garnished Russian salad

Potato salad

Garnished Waldorf salad

2 types of raw vegetable salad

Melon on a tray

Assorted lettuce with dressing in a pot

Loaves of French bread

Cold sauces (2 types)

The salad buffet is delivered on trays/in jars.