The University of Twente seeks to do its bit with regard to sustainability, energy and corporate social responsibility.

From pilot study to actual implementation of waste sorting

After a successful pilot study in 2014 in the Vrijhof and the Pavilion it is now time to start the sorting of waste in the other buildings. In July 2017 we will start sorting waste more thoroughly in the university’s other buildings in the so called waste islands.

Waste islands

The waste islands will be installed in central locations, e.g. near coffee-vending machines. They will allow waste to be separated into four streams:

  • PMD (Plastics, Metals, Drinks bottles and cartons)
  • GFT (Vegetables, Fruit and Garden waste)
  • Paper
  • Residual waste 

So what will this mean for me?
Since waste will be separated at several centrally located places inside the buildings, i.e. at waste islands, you will no longer have a dustbin next to your desk. In other words, you will have to take a brief walk in order to be able to throw your waste away, as is the case in most household.

Monday 17 July:               Ravelijn & Cubicus
Tuesday, 18 July:             Zilverling & Spiegel
Wednesday, 19 July:        Horst
Thursday 20 July:             Horst 

As soon as the waste islands are being installed, all the old dustbins will be taken in. 

What will happen with the current dustbins?
Our old dustbins will be reused or recycled.  In this way we keep the sustainability circle intact.   

Please contact the Servicedesk of your building.