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All campus buildings have several hot drink vending machines, where hot and cold water, hot chocolate and several sorts of coffee are available.


Maas International BV supplies the campus with hot drink vending machines. The contract is valid until 1 November 2014. The Executive Board decided that private coffee machines in campus buildings are not allowed.

The operators of Maas ensure the vending machines are clean, working and filled. Their staff are present every day and are on location within an hour if a machine has a problem.

There are two types of machines on the campus: the SL1000 and the SL200. All vending machines are filled with Fair Trade coffee. For students there are machines with a payment system. Machines for employees have a card system. There are a variety of drinks available, but in every vending machine there is:


Coffee (made by a fresh brew technique)






Hot chocolate


Hot water


Cold water (in some vending machines this is not available due to a lack of space in the machine)


Adjustable added milk and sugar


Adjustable coffee strength


Possibility to fill jugs up to 18cm high

In several buildings the machines are secured and can only be used with a card. A faculty/service decides who gets a card.

Separate ingredients

The machines offer sugar and milk. Separate ingredients, such as sachets of sugar, milk, tea and decaf, or plastic cups, can be ordered through Maas and will be billed separately. There is a digital order form (Dutch) for these kind of orders.

N.B.: For some buildings, Maas will take care of all the ingredients for the machines.


Report malfunctions to the service desk of your building. Your report should always contain the machine number (at the bottom of the display) and a description of the malfunction. After the report, an operator from Maas should be on location in one hour. If it’s not possible to repair the machine, another solution will be sought.

Conference services

For internal meetings you are able to fill as many coffee jugs as you require. If you hold larger meetings, use the Sodexo conference services (order through your building Reservation Desk or the canteen).


The vending machines are placed in agreement with the faculties and Service Centres. If you need extra vending machines or to move vending machines, contact the person who manages the hot drink vending machines in your faculty or Service Centre.

Delivery times

Orders submitted using the digital order form (Dutch) before 12:00 will be delivered to the Central Receipts Registration the following Monday (counting from the day you ordered). Your order will be delivered to you the next day.


Drinks are paid for individually through the ‘chipcard’ payment system built into vending machines. Vending machines without payment systems are paid for by faculties or Service Centres according to the coffee counter in the machine. Any other products provided are paid for individually.


If you have questions, contact the contact person in your faculty or Service Centre or the vending machines contract manager.

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