Receiving mail

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Reception, registration and distribution of goods.


All non-food products that were ordered by UT-employees, are received centrally. After checking the amount and possible damages, someone will sign for receipt.


All incoming goods are registered at CEGOON (CEntraal GOederen ONtvangst). The following data are included:


Order number


Name of recipient








Description of the delivery


Any details

Distribution of goods

Together with the container list, containers are delivered at the corresponding buildings daily. The container list is a list of goods that were received for a certain building on a day. The lists are created for each building and handed over to the driver. The container list will be checked for the correct amount of goods by the internal service of your building. If the list is correct, the internal service will sign for delivery. Bestel & Logistiek will keep the list and serve as a backup for missing orders or orders that were not correctly delivered.

Delivery time

The packages will be put in the correct containers after registration. Besides your order being correctly registered, CEGOON has another advantage: you can check your order for its delivery status. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can check CEGOON (Dutch) for their goods. You can use the order number, supplier or the order date for that.


The costs for transport will be charged with the corresponding faculty or service.


Centraal Ontvangst of Bestel & Logistiek is responsible for this service. The employees of Centraal Ontvangst can answer your questions through email or call.

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