Lecture halls

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The lecture halls of the university for general purposes and the available support.


There is a list of lecture halls (Dutch) containing a picture and a map of each hall. These lecture halls can be used for several purposes, but they have to be reserved for that.


The internal service, the lecture hall managers, support the users of the lecture halls to make sure activities can take place undisturbed.

The manager will help you with:


Order and cleanliness in a hall


Positioning of the furniture


Repairing malfunctioning devices


Putting presentations on a computer


Refilling of markers

If you wish to reposition the furniture, the internal service can help you with this. You can request this at the service desk of the building.

If there’s a failing device (computer, beamer, etc), please contact the service desk of the building. A lecture hall manager will be sent to help you as soon as possible.

Order and cleanliness in the lecture halls

To make sure the lecture halls can be used by everyone in the same way, it’s important that they’re left behind clean and tidy:


If you changed the position of the furniture, please change it back to the original position afterwards.


Used materials should be placed back in the appropriate place.


Waste should be disposed in the available trash bins.


Consumption of foods and drinks is not allowed.


Lecture Halls can be reserved via BOZ (Dutch) and the reservation bureau.

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