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Obtaining one or more keys for a specific room


If a room is has a lock, it is possible to get one or more keys on loan. The keys are issued to and registered in a specific person’s name.


At your building Service Desk or the Central Service Desk, you can order extra keys. The Service Desk has the right to ask to see UT identification. If the Service Desk has the key in stock, they will issue it immediately, but if it is not available, they will order an extra key. Applicants must pay for all new keys. All keys are strictly on loan and remain the property of the Facility Service Centre.

Delivery times

The delivery time of keys that have to be ordered is about four weeks, but keys that are in stock will be handed out immediately.


The cost of a single key is about €18, and you need to provide an OFI number for this.


Your building Service Desk is responsible for ordering, registering and distributing keys.