Collecting keys

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The issuing of keys for buildings is done with your entrance pass/building pass at the Traka cabinet in building Spiegel (of course, your pass has to be authorized for this). You can also register yourself in the key list to retrieve keys. Your name, phone number and signature will be registered, as well as the times of retrieving the key and bringing it back.


The Traka system can be found in the room of security service. If you are authorized by the responsible administrator or association, you take the key out of the cabinet. Your information will be entered into the system en associated with your card number. If you hold your card in front of the card reader, the Traka cabinet will open shortly and you’ll be able to get the appropriate key. The keys you’re authorized to take, will have a green light. When you press the black button to take the key, the time will be registered with your name and pass number.


The security service is responsible for registration in the system and the administrator/association is responsible for reporting the authorization for use of the key. Any changes should be reported at the security service as well.

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