Bicycle parking

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Bicycle parking on campus.


There are parking spots available at the buildings to park your bike or motorcycle. For coworkers, there are parking spots inside buildings or locked parking spots. If you want to make use of these, please contact the service desk of your building. There is an overview of all the parking spots for bicycles on campus.

Bicycles should be parked in the assigned parking spots. Also, all entrances of buildings should be kept free. Because of security reasons, it’s not allowed to take your bicycle in the building.


You can order keys for the locked parking spots at the service desk of your building.

Delivery time

Delivery time of a key depends on the stock the service desk has. If the key is in stock, it can be given to you immediately. Otherwise, it has to be ordered.


The costs vary for each building. A few buildings have you pay a small fee when you receive the keys. You will get your money back if you return the keys.


The maintenance group of the facility service centre is responsible for placing and maintaining the bicycle parking spots. The facility service centre is never responsible for theft or destruction of bicycles or motorcycles. Do not leave belongings behind and lock your bicycle well.

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