Adjusting cylinder locks

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Adjusting cylinder locks


Placing or adjusting cylinder locks in office, archive or conference room doors due to moving or safety is done by your building caretakers.

It is possible to place similar locks within a group of locks, so if necessary a master key can be created. Note that the available choices are based on consistency within the general locking plan.


The Service desk of your building is able to process your requests about cylinder locks. Adjusting cylinder locks is done by the caretakers. When requesting an adjustment in cylinder locks, Service Desk staff have the right to ask for identification. If the cylinder locks are not in stock, the caretaker will place an order, and the cylinder lock and keys will be delivered. Cylinders and keys remain the property of the Facility Service Centre.

Delivery times

The delivery time of cylinder locks including keys is 4 to 6 weeks.


The costs are about €75 including three keys. The request has to include an OFI number.


Replacement of cylinder locks is done by your building caretakers. The Service Desk is responsible for ordering and registering cylinders and keys.