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In using the new proximity access cards for UT buildings, you are obligated to abide by a number of rules of conduct.

Compliance will be strictly enforced. The rules and the rationale behind them are presented below.

The rationale

Most UT buildings are closed after office hours, during which the Security Service provides emergency and first aid assistance to anyone present. The access cards are not only designed to keep out unauthorised individuals; the electronic registration of all those present enables the Security Service to quickly find everyone in the building in the event of an emergency.

It is essential, also for safety considerations, that you properly register and deregister when you enter and leave a building after office hours.

For brevity’s sake, we use the term ‘office hours’ to indicate regular business hours. For educational facilities, this means weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. As the Vrijhof and Bastille buildings and the Sportscentrum complex are regularly open in the evening and at the weekend, the rules below do not apply there.

The rules


Register your presence after office hours.

This is done automatically when you hold your card in front of the card reader when entering the building. If you are in the building and wish to remain after closing time, do not forget to register yourself during the course of the day and no later than 6 p.m. Several card readers have been installed inside the building for this purpose. If you fail to register, the external doors will not unlock when you wish to leave. You will then be locked in the building and will have to phone the Surveillance and Security Service.


Use your access card to deregister when you leave the building.

This is done automatically when you use your access card to unlock the external door. Do not forget to deregister when you leave the building together with another cardholder. If you fail to deregister, the central database will assume you are still in the building. Your access card will then be blocked the next time you try to use it.


Group meetings after office hours.

The building is open after office hours for meetings involving 20 participants or more. In addition, a receptionist/emergency and first aid employee will also be present. Meeting participants are not required to use an access card.

The rules governing registration and deregistration apply to anyone who wishes to remain elsewhere in the building after office hours, even if the external door is left open for a group meeting. (The regulations published on apply to anyone organising a group meeting after office hours.)


Never let others use your access card.

Your access card is non-transferable. While your personal information and access rights are not printed on the card itself, this information is linked to the card number in the central database. Allowing those without a card to accompany you when you enter or exit the building is a punishable offence. In this situation, ask the other individual to use his/her own access card.


Guests are permitted under certain conditions

Cardholders are permitted to take one or more guests without a card into the building, provided the following conditions are met:


Register the guests in advance with the Security Service in the Charlie doorkeeper’s lodge either in person or by phone (053-489 2134).


The guests must remain in your immediate presence at all times. You are responsible for their behaviour.


The guests must leave the building with you.

(In addition call Charlie if a swing door lets pass only card holders. The door will be unlocked at distance for your guests.)


Immediately report lost or stolen access cards.

Report lost or stolen access cards at any time to the Security Service in the Charlie doorkeeper’s lodge either in person or by phone (053-489 2134).


In the event of accidents or emergencies:

Phone emergency services on 053-489 2222. Use this number only in the event of accidents or emergencies.

The sanctions

A combination of rules of conduct and electronic tools, the building access system is designed to maximise security while minimising the burden placed on users. However, the system can only be effective if everyone abides by the rules. If you violate the rules, your access card will be blocked and you will no longer be permitted to be in the building after office hours.

Compliance checks will be intensified. Upon request from a Security Service employee while you are in the building, you must be able to present your access card and legal proof of identity for inspection. Security cameras will register all traffic at access doors. Based in part on an analysis of the footage recorded, the Security Service can determine which access cards have been involved in violations.

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