APR - Douwe Egberts selected as the new supplier of hot beverages

A tent full of tasting staff and students on the O&O Plein. At the beginning of April the UT community once again had the opportunity to taste, sample and subsequently vote. The votes are in, the definitive contract has been sent: Douwe Egberts will supply us with hot beverages in the years to come.

This seems unimportant amidst all the education and research-related news that is published by our institute. At the same time, coffee, tea or hot chocolate (and all other beverages supplied by these machines) are the driving force of many during a day full of work or classes. Besides: everyone to his taste. In order to provide as many people as possible with a beverage that matches their tastes, the deciding factor in this tender were all the different flavours.


All the staff and students won't have to wait very long to enjoy their drink, as the machines become operational no later than 1 July. In the coming weeks we are working hard to replace all the machines in this short amount of time.

Free or paid coffee

Once the new dispensers are operational, all staff members can still get free coffee. They can do this by unlocking the dispenser with their staff card.

In addition, from now on there is also a paid variety, which will be sold for € 0.45 per cup. To get the paid variety the dispenser does not have to be unlocked (no staff card is required), but the coffee has to be paid for using your debit card. The difference between the free and paid coffee is the way it is brewed. The free variety is DE Instant Good Origin and the paid variety is DE Espresso Smooth Selection.

All kinds of coffee facilities on campus

With the various types of coffee from the dispensers, and the coffee available in the canteens and at the coffee corners, there's plenty of choice for staff and students. This way. the Facility Department hopes to meet everyone's tastes and means as much as possible.

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