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Information and changes during and after the Christmas holiday

Heating of buildings during the Christmas holiday
The University will be closed during the Christmas holiday (from 16.00 hrs. Wednesday 24 December 2013 to 08.00 hrs. on Monday 5 January 2014). In order to save energy, the heating during this period will be programmed to weekend mode in all buildings except for the Bastille and Sportcentrum.

Mail collection on Wednesday 24 December 2014
On Wednesday 24 December mail will be collected and distributed only in the morning.

Christmas trees
Wednesday 24 December after 12.00 hrs., all Christmas trees will be picked up and taken away. Please make sure you take down your decorations in time. Trees that have been placed at the main entrance of the building will be removed. If help is required, please contact the Service Desk who will be able to assist you if necessary.

Christmas lights
This being a festive season with illuminations and decorations, we would like to alert you to take necessary safety precautions with regard to Christmas lights. Please turn them off at the end of each day and remove the plug from the socket. Christmas lights are known to be a fire hazard, so please be on your guard!

Click on the link for safety rules about Christmas decorations:

Different opening hours for canteens

At the end of December, our canteens and restaurant have different opening hours.

The following locations will close at 15:00 hours on Tuesday 23 December:







Waaier is opened until 18:30 hours.

On Wednesday 24 December all of our locations will close at 14:00 hours.

Restaurant Faculty Club is closed in week 52 and week 1.

Bistro de Vrijhof is closed in week 52 and week 1.

In week 1 all of our locations are closed.

In week 2 all our locations are opened during regular opening hours.

We would like to receive your catering orders for next year at the latest on Tuesday 23 December.

We wish you all the best for 2015!

If you have any questions, please contact the Servicedesk located in your building.