Construction new Starbucks starts Wednesday 23-9

Time has come, the designs are almost finished and construction starts Wednesday 23 September. So it is about time we take a look at what Starbucks is planning to do with the Educafe. During the construction period we will put some visuals and the time frame up on the walls near/in the Educafe. Off course in a few weeks’ time we hope you will be able to see the result with your own eyes.

We will try to keep the inconvenience to a minimum by scheduling most of the heavy drilling and other noisy construction works in the weekends or in the early morning (before 8.30).

With the planning we took the activities of the study associations into account. We also mean to keep the Educafe open during the examination period.

Week 39 - 41: Wednesday, Starbucks will start construction. During this period the Educafe will remain open.

The Educafe will close doors for one week (week 42, 12-Oct t/m 18-Oct) due to new flooring. The study associations will still have access to their rooms through the emergency stairs at the side of the building. The Stores and IAPC will have to close shop for a week.

As soon as the floor is finished, Starbucks will start putting in their storefront and furnishing the room. As it appears now Starbucks will open at the end of week 46.

Construction work for new Starbucks in the Educafe starts