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Below you will find an overview of the activities planned by the Faculty Club Foundation. Please check the list regularly for forthcoming activities. Language: Dutch.

Activities 2015

17 March

B&S Meeting ‘Verbinding Business & Science’

25 March

Tête-à-tête ‘Internationalization, why?’



22 April

Tête-à-tête ‘What is the role of the ITC at the UT?’



19 May

B&S Meeting ‘Design Lab’

20 May

Tête-à-tête ‘What is iconical for the UT?’



17 June

Tête-à-tête The UT as an Eastern bazaar (diversity)



15 September

B&S Meeting ‘Technical Medicine ’

23 September




14 October




18 November

B&S Meeting ‘Cybercrime’

25 November


For information please contact Astrid de Graaf, telephone (053-489) 5660 or send an email to:

If you have ideas and/or suggestions for interesting meetings or activities, please tell us. We will do our best to help you organise these. We look forward to receiving your email!

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