'Other' version

Questionnaire Attitudinal Aspects of Leadership - Honours Course 'Change Leaders'

This 'Other' questionnaire focuses on the four attitudinal aspects of leadership: commitment, responsibility, integrity and communications.

The questionnaire results provide an important input in that they provide content and structure for the coaching discussions which run parallel to the training programme.

When completing the questionnaire think of concrete examples from your experience of the project leader/manager. Where the questionnaire mentions colleagues, this means those colleagues who are involved with the leader’s project. Superiors are in their turn superiors in the project environment.

There are two versions of the questionnaire: the “I” and the “he/she” versions.
The first version is to be completed by the project leader who will participate in the programme; this second version is for “others” involved directly in the project.

When completing the questionnaire try to score deliberately high (4 and 5) or low (1 and 2) so that the participant will get the clearest information from the results.


Answer these questions before starting with the questionnaire:

De vragen die zijn aangegeven met een * zijn verplicht.