Overall Graduate Programme description

Years 1 and 2 consist of:


Four compulsory courses (20 EC)


Five compulsory courses (25 EC) that belong to one of the two tracks:


Services technologies


Services in business


Five elective courses (25 EC)


Other obligations (50 EC)

1. Four compulsory courses

1. Architecture of Information Systems (232011, mandatory for CS\ISE track and M-BIT)

2. Advanced Database Systems (211090, mandatory for CS\ISE track)

3. E-Commerce (232050)

4. Design of Software Architecture (211133, mandatory for M-BIT, elective 5/10 for CS\SE track))

2a Five courses in Track A: Services technologies

1. Service-Oriented Architecture with Web Services (265215)

2. Database Transactions and Processes (212098, mandatory for CS\ISE track)

3. Specification of Information Systems (233030, elective 5/10 for CS\SE track, elective 1\9 for CS\ISE track)

4. XML Technologies (232055)

5. ADSA: Model Driven Engineering (213545)

2b. Five courses from Track B: Services in business

1. Business Process Integration Lab (237650, mandatory for M-BIT)

2. Information & Knowledge Exchange Services (316006, elective 5/20 for M-BIT)

3. Business Development in Networks (410804 , mandatory for M-BIT)

4. Data Warehousing & Data Mining (232020)

5. Design Science Methodology (232082, mandatory for CS\ISE track, elective 5/10 for CS\SE track)

3. Five elective courses

a. Compulsory courses from the other track.

b. Courses from the following list:

Advanced Architecture of Information Systems (232022, elective 10/20 for M-BIT, elective 20/20for CS\ISE track)

Advanced Requirements Engineering (232085, elective 5/20 for M-BIT, elective 20/20 for CS\ISE track)

Business Case Development for IT-projects (237600, mandatory for M-BIT)

Computer Supported Cooperative Work (234007, mandatory for M-BIT)

E-Government: communication and organization (240460)

E-Strategizing (235020, mandatory for M-BIT)

ICT Management (236002, mandatory for M-BIT)

Implementation of IT in Organizations (234010, mandatory for M-BIT)

Information Systems for the Financial Services Industry (410507)

Information & Knowledge Management (316301)

IS Design Methodologies (186397)

Java Middleware Technologies (265211)

Knowledge Representation (216020)

Managing Service Organizations (319000)

Mobile E-health Applications and Services (263100)

Production & Logistics Information Systems (185264)

Security in Information Services (215030, elective 1\9 for CS\ISE track)

Specification of Information Systems (233030, mandatory for M-BIT)

Supply Chain Management & ICT (581020)

System Validation (214012, elective 5/10 for CS\SE track)

c. Other courses in consultation with the advisor.


4. Other obligations (50 EC)

Individual specialization assignment for Track A or B (5 EC)

International research orientation/internship (15 EC)

Master thesis (including research proposal) (30 EC)

Year 3 to 5 consist of:


Educational programme related to research


Educational programme aimed at widening perspective


Educational tasks


Personal development


PhD research, culminating in papers, prototypes, and a PhD thesis

1. Educational programme related to research

a. 4 courses chosen from the research schools

IPA/SIKS/BETA PhD seminars, or similar

b. 2 summer/winter schools, like

IPA/SIKS/BETA summer schools, or similar

c. attendance of 2 national symposia and 2 international conferences

From a list of high-quality symposia and conferences, including RE, EDOC, ICSOC, ICWS, CAiSE, ICSE, BPM, ICIS

2. Educational program aimed at widening perspective

a. Choose one course form

Enterprise modelling

Information & Knowledge management

Professional services management

Financial products

b. Or perform a multidisciplinary case study

With another research institute or

With another graduate school programme

3. Educational tasks

a. Supervision of MSc and BSc projects related to research topic (2 projects)

b. Teaching exercise classes and/or limited lecturing

Not obligatory for students with scholarship

4. Personal development

Choose an 8-days program from UT courses (or equivalent NWO talent classes), covering:


Courses on technical writing/communication skills


Course project/time management


Career orientation

5. PhD research, culminating in papers, prototypes, and a PhD thesis

a. Completion of research plan (Month 1-6)

b. Development of thesis (Month 7-30)

c. Completion of thesis (Month 31-36)