Research in the Telemedicine Group

The Telemedicine Group investigates the design, prototyping, validation and testing of m-health systems and researches the underlying architectures, models, techniques and implementation mechanisms.

The Telemedicine Group also addresses the research issues relating to the mutual dependencies between the primary and secondary processes in Telemedicine. We investigate these dependencies from the perspectives both of BioMedical Engineering and ICT, and address the matching of the BioMedical needs to the ICT support and vice versa. In ambulant care, we address the adaptation of the ICT support configuration or the BioMedical adaptations required by fluctuations in resources or flaws in the ICT infrastructure at the MADE (Monitoring, Analysis, Decision and Effectuation) points of care. The objective is to preserve the safety and efficacy of treatment.

The Telemedicine Group participates in two research institutes of the University of Twente: the Centre for Telematics and Information Technology (CTIT) and the Institute for Biomedical Technology (BMTI). We contribute to the Strategic Research Orientation ASSIST - Applied Science of Services for Information Society Technologies.